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Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

An infection of nail fungus occurs when fungi infect one or more of your toenails. A toenail fungus infection may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. As the nail fungus spreads deeper into your nail, it may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and develop crumbling edges - an unsightly and potentially painful problem. Toenail fungal infection affects 35 million people in the United States and 700 million people worldwide. Clinical studies began in November 2007 demonstrating over an 88% success rate for those who went through laser nail treatments. Bucks County Foot Laser provides a cure to fungal infection, with the use of the PinPointe FootLaser. Our doctors have treated patients who live in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, PA.

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The PinPointe FootLaser is a specially designed laser beam that goes through the toenail and safely reduces the infection in the toenail bed that causes Onychomycosis - more commonly known as toenail fungus. This is one of the most successful laser nail treatments in the world. The procedure requires one safe, quick treatment, with little or no discomfort and is performed in the doctor's office in Warminster, PA with no anesthesia. As one of the most effective laser nail treatments on the market, the PinPointe FootLaser could be a cure for not just toenail fungus, but for fingernail fungus as well. With so many people in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia affected by toenail fungus, the PinPointe FootLaser is a popular option for treatment for our patients in Newtown.

The gentle laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue and treats only the infected area. The toenail fungus cure is a safe and healthy way to get rid of fungal infection. No drugs or topical ointments are used, eliminating the total-body side effects of traditional oral medications, and laser nail treatments which are typically used to get rid of toenail fungus infections. Clinical studies show that PinPointe FootLaser reduces fungal infection and promotes clear nail growth with a single treatment. PinPointe FootLaser is safe, effective and most patients improve after their first treatment. Bucks County Foot Laser, in Warminster, PA, offers multiple laser nail treatments, treating patients who have formed fingernail fungus as well.

Bucks County Foot Laser has performed laser treatments for patients in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County. Along with providing treatment for toenail fungus, we also provide non-invasive treatments for fingernail fungus. If you feel like you may need laser nail treatments near Newtown, make an appointment today! We have the cure you need, to rid your toenails of fungus!